luno (luno) wrote in tc_hamradio,

MN Metro 800Mhz Trunking - Nowhere Near Completion in Anoka County

According to inside sources, the 800Mhz trunking system implementation isn't going well. I spoke to a police officer who confessed she hasn't even taken her handheld out of the packaging yet, and half the squad cars in the city (no, I won't say which one) aren't equipped with trunking radios yet.

Among the reasons listed for urging our state to invest in a metro-area trunking system were interoperability and increased coordination abilities between agencies. Analog already is interoperable - and with built-in area limitations, channels are available in multiple locations, due to limmited range of handhelds, they can be re-used in other areas, possibly with other DCS or PL tones. When the trunking system comes online, you've got a channel in use across multiple counties - that's it, it's full.

Whose golfing buddy pulled off this deal? Our tax dollars have been spent on a project that provides vendor lock-in and less reliable service. Picture this: you're a seasoned officer called into a domestic in a shady area. Entering the building, you turn the corner and you're fired upon, a narrow miss splintering the doorframe as you duck out of sight - you key your mic and shout for backup, unfortunately your new radio bleeps an "all channels busy" tone at you - neither your partner nor your dispatcher can hear you, as that next bullet comes hurtling toward you...
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